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Why Choose Young Living?

So what is an essential oil? An essential oil is the aromatic liquid within many shrubs, flowers, tree, roots, bushes and seeds that is extracted usually by steam distillation. Each oil is a complex structure of hundreds of different chemicals and how these chemicals are extracted determines not only the quality but the medicinal efficacy of the oils. Another factor to the potency of the oils is how the plants are grown, from climate to soil to time of year harvested.

We LOVE Young Living because of their dedication to purity. Having been in business for twenty years, their quality control and commitment to excellence insures that each bottle of oil we purchase is up to the highest standard of medicinal quality. Every batch of oils is tested and if it does not meet up to the purity and medicinal standards set in place, it is rejected.

We could go and on about this but visuals work so much better (and are more interesting).

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