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I do not like to waste things and so as I began to collect more and more empty bottles of oils and they were rolling around our oil drawer every time it was opened and closed, it made me a wee bit cranky. I have seen all kinds of lovely pins on pinterest about reusing empty oil bottles. I love the idea of that but, seriously, I do not have time to soak them in epsom salts, clean them, boil them, dry them, etc. As much as I long to, I do not live that perfect pinterest life and I KNOW I cannot be alone!!!

Here is a solution for all my friends who are like me and need simple, quick, easy.


Are you ready for the depths of this revelation?


Wait for it….

Use each empty bottle to make a diluted roller ball of the same oil.

I know. So innovative. So profound.


We go through a lot of Thieves oil in the fall/winter so I had plenty of empty bottles to reuse for this demonstration.


1. collect your empty bottles

2. strip them down (remove label, cap, safety seal and reducer cap). You might need a little lemon oil on a cotton ball to remove any gummy residue left from the label

3. drop in the desired amount of essential oil (for my Thieves example I have filled the bottle 1/4 full with oil since I dilute this 1:4)

4. top the bottle off with carrier oil of your choice (coconut for me), pop in a roller ball, label the cap. The Aroma Glide metal Rollerball fitments are what you need to use and you learn more by clicking HERE.





In four simple steps you have reused an empty bottle and do not have to stop and dilute!!! I personally love this version of a rollerball better than the smaller 1/3ml ones with the plastic rollers BECAUSE you get more oil in an application from the metal rollers. Just sayin’.


OH, and before I leave you, let me just say that in regards to step #2…you do not have to remove the label. I just do that because that is what I do. It’s my little way of organizing… the bottles with labels are undiluted and the naked ones are diluted. Just a weird thing I have to do. I also don’t like to have a glass of water filled all the way to the top. I don’t know what that means other than it drives my husband a little bit crazy.



Let me know if this helps you!!!






  • Cheri - I love YL oils.ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Great idea Angela! Question: does the coconut oil stay liquefied in the bottle? I love using coconut oil for diluting on the skin, but whatever I don’t use turns back into a solid.ReplyCancel

    • - Kim, we use fractionated which is liquid to start with (you can get it at Sprouts or online at Amazon). Another favorite is almond oil!!ReplyCancel

  • LaDonna Mazzorana - I use them to give samples of the same kind to others, mini gifts, and make up some of the recipes.. ie.. for pain, immune, weight suppression, concentration…rollers are great for kids and spouses to carry. .like cologne (create their own scent they like)…only this is nontoxic!ReplyCancel

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