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Confessions of a homeschooling mom #3

So we are three weeks into homeschooling and so far, so good!  I was a nervous wreck the night before we started.  I


If we discuss oils with you all we try to choose ones we have used and can personally recommend. Recently, I have been

allergy congestion be gone

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, North Texas is a horrible place to be in late September early October. It is

what’s in my water bottle-young living orange oil

Cold and flu season is coming, ya’ll!! In fact, if you are active on FB or watch the news you have seen reports

what the mel? choosing the right tea tree oil

When given different choices of the same oil I get CONFUSED and want to run and hide. There are several oils that have

natural afternoon pick-me-up

  I don’t know if you are like me but late afternoon I feel the need for that final burst of energy

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