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Natural health for kids

When I first started using essential oils I found it difficult to get my 8 year old son on board. He didn’t understand how rubbing lavender on himself would make him feel calm or how lemon oil was going to make him more alert. He was certain that a lemons soul purpose in life was to make lemonade, not to wake him up! Major disconnect was happening. It was also a big ol’ whip to have to stop down and mix these oils with a carrier oil before being able to apply them to his skin. So, I decided to get smart and a little sneaky. I purchased some amber roller bottles and created pre-diluted concoctions for him and gave them names that would make sense to him.





For example I made a mix called “Wake-Up”. This was a combo of lemon, lime, and coconut oil. Early on he wouldn’t even ask what was in it, I just told him that it was an oil that would help him feel more awake and he would roll it on. Yes! Success! So I made another one called “Sleepy-Time”. This was a combo of gentle baby and roman chamomile…again, I didn’t have to explain what was in it I just told him what it was for and handed it over. I then made another one called “Calm Down/Focus”. This one was a combo of vetiver, tangerine, and cedarwood. I placed this one at his desk where we do school work. Aren’t I clever? By giving the roller bottles a description instead of the name of the actual oil, my son made a connection. It also helped him identify exactly what his body needed! He knew now that if he felt tired or sluggish then he could grab his “wake-up” oil. I no longer had to try and figure out what his needs were and then convince him to apply! The power was all his! Our collection of roller bottles has grown quite a bit so I gave Sammy his own little bag that he can keep them all in. And I’m proud to say that at this point in time he doesn’t even need the cutesy names! We’ve been able to put the actual oil name on the bottles now because he’s learned over time what each one does.





A little story for you…. several weeks back we were at gymnastics class and one of Sammy’s friends was a little distracted and unfocused so my child leaned over and said to him in a not so quiet voice, “don’t worry, I’ll bring you some brain power oil next week…it will help you pay attention”. Ahhhhh! The feelings of pride and embarrassment were battling for sure in that moment! hahahahahaha!!!! When I told my husband this story he just shook his head and said “what have you done to our son?”. I’ve created a little oil genius is what I’ve done, sir! Teaching him tactfulness is next up on my list of things to do though.

Give it a try mommas! If you have an oil shy kiddo, get creative and create something that’s just for THEM! Take the science out of it in the beginning and make it fun! Eventually they will come around!



  • Mich - This is BRILLIANT! So helpful here. I have even using oils beat on my sons feet before he leaves for school. Now I’m wondering if I should dilute them to make the oils last longer and without it compromising the positive effects.
    * Do find that the dilutions you make are just as effective as a neat application?
    *. Do you know how I could get his school to allow him to apply another round of his oils for the 1nd half of his school day? (I guess he could secretly go to the bathroom- I just don’t what him to get in trouble.)

    Thank you for your insight!ReplyCancel

    • - This is Angela here! So, we are on the conservative side and pretty much dilute everything with our kids! My youngest has really sensitive skin and so I have just fallen into the practice of diluting always. YL oils are SO pure that a little bit goes a long way. Use less at each application but apply every 2-3 hours in times of great need. I have found just as great success with dilution as with applying neat.
      I would talk to his teacher! I have sent my 5th grader with a roller ball of peppermint and lemon on testing days and have asked her teachers beforehand if she can go apply it. I don’t want her in trouble and honestly when I have talked to them about it they are all for it!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Reiter - A friend of mine shared her essential oils with me when she found out I was sick with flu like symptoms. Within hours I started feeling better. The next day I woke up greatly relieved and continue to improve.ReplyCancel

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