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How to order Young Living Oils

There are TWO ways you can get the amazing-ness of the oils for yourself!! You can create a retail account OR you can create a wholesale account.

The difference is this: Do you want to spend full price OR get 24% off?

Do you like shopping at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack? Same products, way different pricing. NO brainer.

A wholesale membership does NOT mean you have to sell anything OR sign your life away it just means you can order your oils at any time with great savings! Here is what you get when you sign up for a wholesale membership:

what youget

Sound good? Now you just need to choose which option is best for you!!

You can create this membership at four different price points, $40/$75/$150/$160


The Everyday Oils Collection is an AMAZING way to get introduced to the basics of essential oils (see graphic below) and alone that kit retails for over $160 so you can see what a great deal the last two starter kits are!

Also, when you sign up we will gift you with a copy of The Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils which is a fabulous resource to get your started using your oils. I addition we send you some teaching links as well to walk you through your new kit!

Ready to jump in? Click HERE to get started!!


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