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have oils…will travel (disney version)

This past week my husband and I and the amazing opportunity of surprising our daughters with a trip to Disneyworld. It. was. incredible. Now, as I was secretly planning and shopping, I was just as absorbed with what oils to take as I was with what clothes to pack.

My husband is a huge fan of natural health but he stills pokes fun at me when I pack oils for a trip (Do you REALLY need all that?).

Yes. yes. I do.

I don’t know what shirt I might feel like wearing when the moon is in a certain phase and I have no clue what oil I might need should an issue arise. Let me just plan for all scenarios.

Seriously, though, I can’t bring the entire collection so after years of traveling with oils I have narrowed down to the necessities.

Don’t choke when you see this graphic. We were going to DISNEY WORLD! All kinds of possibilities could arise.



Let’s start at top left and work our way across.


It may have been spring but it was hot hot hot and despite great sunscreen application, my fair skinned family got a little pink. Lavaderm spray is very soothing, cooling and healing on sunburned skin and speeds up the healing process. Love that stuff.


If I was told I could only have one oil ever and to quickly pick that I would yell out “FRANKINLAV” and run and mix these two oils together in a bottle before anyone could stop me.

Frankincense and Lavender are truly BOTH swiss army knives of essential oils and I cannot be without either one. Whether for sleep, stress, coughs, colds, cleansing, skin, etc. I ALWAYS have both of these on my travels. Always. You can’t make me pick one.


this is the blend I put in the diffuser (and I travel with the Rose Home Diffuser) as soon as we get to our hotel room. I put in quite a few drops of each and run it several hours to clean out that lovely hotel room air. Ahhhh!!!


Harmony blend is something I just recently started trying. My kids love each other to pieces but they are really in a stage of fighting quite a bit. It is trying to the soul. I might possibly have slathered them with this oil on the plane ride coming and going. I also gave them iPads and headphones so I don’t know if I can give entire credit to the oil HOWEVER when we diffuse this at home the fighting level dials down immensely. Plus, this stuff smells like a lovely perfume so I just put it on my wrists for good measure.


I ALWAYS travel with these. Thieves for overall health (a bottle for diffusing and the roller for application) and Oregano and Thyme as the big guns in a capsule “just in case”.  On the plane ride down a child in front of us had the junkiest cough in the history of the world and then it seemed half the people at Disney were hacking up a lung….soooo….sad to say…my oldest daughter and I started feeling unwell a few days into the trip so I was thankful to have these to get us back on our feet again!!


Digize. An essential. Especially when you are on the Disney dining plan.


this was a travel bottle of thieves household cleaner and water. I used it to obsessively spray down surfaces in the hotel room AS WELL AS spritz our jackets (it was chilly at night) to freshening them up (a natural Febreeze, if you will)


Glad I brought these along as that was the ailment of choice at Disney that chose to descend upon us!!! Copaiba loosens up the cough while RC helps you breath deeper and Peppermint in the diffuser at night helps you sleep coughless when suffering from that dreadful post nasal drip nagging nastiness. My husband and youngest daughter were very grateful for these else Emma and I would have kept them up all night hacking.


We walked 20K steps a day. At least. Say no more. Deep relief, aroma sieze, and then homemade pain cream (shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, magnesium oil, panaway, valor, peppermint) were lovely options to have on hand for tired feet and ankles.

So there you have it. My Disney vacation oil must haves. What are YOUR favorites to travel with??


PS: we are not doctors or health practitioners and are not here to diagnose, treat or prescribe. If you have serious health issues or are on medications, please use common sense and research/consult your health professional before starting any alternative regimen. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. 

  • Andrea Hatch - Love this!!
    Did you take all the oils on the plane with you or did you check them?
    I am traveling in the next few weeks and would love to do a carry on but will have a 2 year old fit if they take my oils!!

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