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Angela is a wife, mom to two little girls, photographer and aspiring ninja.

Heather is a wife, mom to two little boys and a lover of all things mid-century modern.

Oh, and we are sisters. Not twins (like we wish we were) but four-year-apart sisters and friends who are striving to do our best managing our careers, families, faith and fun. One day we woke up and said, “Hey, we should have a blog and write about this crazy life we lead!” and three months and one talented graphic artist later, we are finally here!

We both work from home and are on the quest to create proper boundries between career and everyday life.

Our mom raised us to appreciate natural health and wellness so we are naturally bent toward alternative medicine but recognize too that western medicine has it’s place.

We love organic everything but we also love convenience, so if our kids eat at chik-fil-a once a week we don’t hyperventilate.

We grew up in a large family in an era where two kids was the norm. We were homeschooled before it was cool (and LOVED it). Now, only one of us homeschools our kids and the other breaks out in hives at the mere mention.

We married our first boyfriends. WHAT? Despite all of this we DO have friends and are super fun people. Really. We promise.

This blog is a place where we will share our quest for balance from health and wellness, to feeding our families (we dream of one day having personal chefs but for now hobble along with us), managing growing careers, obsession with interior design, and remembering what our ultimate purpose is.

Come join us as we learn, laugh and find our way in this amazing, wonderful life!







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